About Us

Incorporated in 2007, under the Ontario Co-Operative Corporations Act, the Alpaca Fibre Co-operative of Ontario, or AFCO, is owned and operated by its members. AFCO is a co-operative designed to actively process member’s alpaca fibre and develop market opportunities for Canadian made alpaca products through member participation, sponsored events, education and awareness programs.

AFCO buys alpaca fibre from its member/owners and develops products for sale made of natural fibres. These natural fibre products are then sold to three distinct groups of buyers. First they are offered to our own members who may purchase products at a special low price, which is less than wholesale. Product is also offered to qualified retailers at wholesale price and finally to the general public at retail price.

Our members also strive to help one another in every way possible such as providing hands on help at shearing time and other farm events. AFCO provides a network of experienced alpaca breeders to assist one another with advise as well as hands on help to improve the health and fibre quality of our animals through selective breeding.

Interested in becoming part of this exciting and motivated group? Download the Membership Application to join. You may also contact the Alpaca Fibre Co-operative of Ontario by e-mail with all of your questions.